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50+ Ideas To Track In Your Happy Planner

Things to track in your HAppy Planner

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When I bought my Happy Planner, I was hesitant because I didn’t think my life was exciting or busy enough to warrant a planner. Even the first couple weeks I felt the same way. As I have used it for longer, I am finding so much to write down.

I hear this often from people thinking about using a paper planner. But I think they just need a little help brainstorming ideas. Here are some ideas to get you started.


  • To-do lists 
  • Appointments and meetings 
  • Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays 
  • Work and school schedules
  • Projects
  • Deadlines
  • Shopping lists – Use half-sheet note paper to keep your list, and it’s easily removable to take to the store with you. Sometimes, if I just need a few things, I’ll just write the list right in my planner.
  • Weird holidays – You can only celebrating days like “National Coffee Day” if you know about them.


  • Cleaning Schedule –I like to track what I clean and when I clean, so I know how long it’s been for those things that don’t need to be done every day.
  • Reminder for Maintenance – When was the last time the air filter was changed? Preventative maintenance on the a/c and heater. Check the fire alarms.
  • Yard Work


  • Meal plans – You can write you grocery list from this meal plan and have everything together. It’s nice to have it in one spot. I tend to misplace my meal plan or grocery list, so this helps me out.
  • Workout schedule – Knowing what’s coming makes it easier to get yourself mentally ready.
  • Track your progress – Take before and after photos. Track your weight. Calories burned. Keep up with how much you can lift. The length of your workout. Whatever you’re working on, take notes along the way to see how far you’ve come.
  • Water intake – Start the day with eight check boxes and mark off one every time you drink a glass of water.
  • Medication and vitamins – This helps when you forget if you have taken your medication and vitamin. Use little check boxes for each day.
  • Symptoms – If you’re having medical issues, keep track of when and what is wrong, so you’ve got a more accurate description to give the doctor.
  • Nutrition – Try a checklist to track whether or not you’re eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, for example. Or have a “what I ate today” log.
  • Stats – Blood glucose levels, blood pressure, ovulation, etc.


  • Photos –A great way to keep memories
  • What did you do? – I like to go back and write down details of things I did, especially if it wasn’t planned. Being able to go back and relive them is nice.
  • Journal – Use note paper inserts
  • Funny moments – My kids say the craziest things, and I tend to forget exactly what they said as the days go by. So, I like to write down their funny quotes.
  • Details – What song do you have on repeat this week? What book are you reading? What TV show are you binge watching on Netflix? What’s going on in the news? These little details are so fun to remember.


  • Bills due – I use stickers on my monthly spread. With due dates and amount, and also a check box for when I have paid them.
  • What you plan to spend
  • What you actually spend
  • Savings goals
  • Pay Day


  • Vet Visits
  • Grooming reminder
  • Medication reminder – Heartworms, fleas, etc. I can never remember if it’s time to give my pets their monthly meds/treatments


  • Goals – Yearly, seasonally, monthly, weekly, daily — it doesn’t matter, they’re all good.
  • Bucket lists
  • Project lists – Make a note of stuff you want to work on around the house or crafts you want to complete.
  • Vision boards
  • Inspiration – I like to add quotes and mantras to help keep me motivated.


  • Prayer Lists
  • Study plans 
  • Gratitude – List a few new things you’re thankful for every day.


  • TV – Track your favorite shows or one-time tv events you don’t want to miss.
  • Movies – Add new movie release dates to your planner.
  • Festivals and local events – I hear about events and think “that’ll be fun to take the kid too.” When I remember the event, most of the time, it has passed.


  • Gift giving – Gift ideas through the year for people. I see things in the stores or online and tell my self, “that would be a great gift for my mom. I’ll have to come back closer to Christmas.” A week later I forgot what or where it was I saw it.
  • Guest lists – If you’re hosting a holiday event.
  • Menu – Because, well, food is important.
  • Travel plans – If you’re going out of town, use your planner to make notes of your travel arrangements.


  • Restaurants – I keep a list of local restaurants I want to try in my planner.
  • Books to read – I see books all the time that I want to read, but when it comes time to buy one I can’t remember what it was called.
  • Passwords –
  • Blog Idea – Do you have a blog? I think of ideas for blogs all the time but when it comes time to sit down and write a blog I can’t find any topics. Now, I jot down those ideas as they come.

Do you have anything to add to this list of ideas to track in your Happy Planner? Let me know in the comments below!


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