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7 Tips For Eating Healthy on the Weekend

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For me, eating healthy on the weekend is the hardest part of all the healthy changes I have made. There is always something going on—all-day errands, get together’s, going to the movies, etc. Even if there is not, I still seem to find an excuse to eat take-out, go to our favorite restaurant, or just make our favorite, not-so-healthy meals.

What can I say? I love all things food, and I don’t hide that.

But, then Monday comes around, and I have to push harder to get back on track. My body doesn’t like some of my food choices. As a result, I’m paying for after the weekend.

I know countless people who have set themselves way back in just 2 days of splurging. Setting yourself back isn’t just frustrating. It can be the reason you quit altogether—it’s sad, but I’ve seen this, also.

The weekends don’t have to be an excuse to put your goals on hold, and they shouldn’t be. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your weekends with friends and family. By following a couple of stay-strong strategies, you can make it to Monday with your diet intact without feeling like your weekends are stale.

Make Time for Exercise

Some people take the weekends off from exercising, but if you know you are going to be eating differently than your typical diet, this should be non-negotiable. If I know I’m going to be somewhere with temptation or with not-so-healthy food choices; I’ll even double up on my workouts.

Eat First

I’m guilty of this, especially at Thanksgiving. I know that I will be over-indulging in my favorites so I would skip breakfast to “save room” for the yummy stuff. Don’t do this!

You will most likely eat more than you intended to because you are so hungry. And what if dinner is late? You’ll be ravenous and are more prone to choosing something you wouldn’t usually want. Make sure to eat all your meals and snacks before your get together.

Healthy Choices First

Start with the veggies and lean proteins before touching the potato salad, chips, and desserts. They will keep you fuller longer and leave less space for the latter. After you’ve finished, you can go back and check out the other options.

Be Picky

Survey your options before digging in, particularly at the snack and dessert table. Look for the one or two options that really call to you and look homemade versus store-bought.

Insert an Extra Step

Don’t eat at or sit close to the serving station. Having to get up and walk to get something else, interrupts mindless eating. If you served yourself too much, throw a napkin over it. You might still pick at it, but studies show you’ll eat 40% less with an extra step added in.

Drink Wisely

Don’t choose your favorite as you’ll be more likely to order another round. Do you usually drink wine? Order a light beer instead. Skip the sugar-filled cocktails and go for a something like a vodka and soda with a splash of cranberry. Try and skip the alcoholic beverages and cokes during your meal since you’ll drink more to wash down your meal. Choose water instead.

Take a Dish

When you bring your own snack or side with you, you know what went into making it. You decide the ingredients and will feel better about serving and eating it.


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