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How To: Hot Mess Canvas

Hot mess CAnvas

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Hot Mess Canvas! I’ve seen quite of few of these types of canvas lately. What is this all about? Well, you start by painting your canvas a base color–or rather multiple colors–in no particular order. As a result, it looks like a Hot Mess. The result is fantastic looking, in my opinion.

I thought it would be way more work than it was worth but decided to give it a shot. I am happy to announce that aside from idle time waiting for paint to dry, it’s super easy to do!

So, what do you need to get started on your Hot Mess Canvas?

Assuming you have a Cricut or similar machine and your preferred stencil material, you don’t need very much.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season

First, you paint your canvas with your acrylic paints. This is what the design you are using will be colored as. You want to paint “messy” hence “hot mess canvas.”

I used 3 colors and streaked them diagonally. I put a few thin lines of paint and moved my brush diagonally, blending them together.

Now you wait until the paint is dry…


Next, you place your stencil on your painted canvas. Remember, what you put on your canvas is where the color will show through in the end. Everything else will be painted over in a solid color. 

step 2

Now, you are going to spray paint your canvas. Paint over your stencil until you can’t see the base colors, painting one coat at a time, so you are less likely to have the paint bleed or runoff.

Let it dry.

3rd step

Once dry, you start carefully pulling off your stencil. The stencil most-likely won’t be able to be used again, so mine went in the trash.

Finally, you have your finished canvas, ready to hang.

Hot mess CAnvas

I’d love to see your finished product. Tag me on Instagram @munchkinsandcoffee and let me see your Hot Mess Canvas.

Don’t know what design to use?

Check out my Etsy Store for files or keep an eye on the new Freebie category where I will be adding more free files.

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