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How To Workout With Kids Around

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As if getting started with fitness isn’t hard enough, you throw a baby or toddler into the mix, and it feels almost impossible. I used this excuse to “justify” not starting a workout program for so long. In the end, I feel it just made it harder on me to get started, both physically and mentally.

We should not use our children as an excuse to not workout, to not better ourselves, to not take care of “me.” They should be your reason! Use them as your motivation to be the best you and best mom you can be.

One thing I do know about being a busy mom and having toddlers running around is my health is just as—if not, more—important as all the other things I juggle on a daily basis. When I don’t make fitness a priority, I set myself up for failure. And we all know that if “mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Now, even though my littles know that I workout every morning before we do anything else, my workouts are FAR from perfect. We still have meltdowns; I have to referee disagreements over toys, take kids to the bathroom and fix ouchies. I’m still mom, and that will not change. I’m just mom who puts and emphasis on my health just like I do theirs.

Tips for Working Out With Kids Around

Have a designated space. It doesn’t have to be only for working out but have all you need in one spot. That way, you aren’t using the time you could be working out to be looking for equipment. You don’t need much to workout at home. For almost a year after I had started all I had was a couple of sets of weights, a resistance band or two and a yoga mat.

Get up 45 minutes earlier. Now I know with littles this isn’t always possible. You may be up at all times of the night with them, and sometimes they get up earlier than usual. But, if you want a kid-free workout this is the best option.

Have activities that are for “workout time” only. I have things put up that only get brought out when I’m working out. Puzzles, games, play-doh, markers, etc.

Be prepared. They always need something when you are busy. Take them to the bathroom, grab some snacks, get them a drink, and whatever else you know they are going to ask for.

Make naptime your friend. Did you manage to get the kids down for a nap? Use naptime to get in your workout.

Get them involved, if they are old enough that is. You aren’t only getting your workout in you are being a healthy role model. My kids started “working out” with me when they were old enough to walk. They don’t always stay the whole time, but they come and go as they please. Yoga, warm-ups, and cool-downs are when they participate the most.

Added resistance. Do they want to be held and cuddled? Use them as equipment. Lunges, squats, and ab exercises drop the weights and pick them up. Push-ups anyone? Lay them under you and use this as motivation. Kisses every time you do a push-up.

Park=workout. I count this as a workout. There are so many things that you can do to get your heart rate up. A game of tag? Hello cardio!

Stay consistent. When I started my daughter hated it, she did everything to keep me from working out. It took some consistency and me not giving in to her demands, but now she keeps me accountable. If we start to eat breakfast before I have worked out, she flips.


to be patient with yourself and your littles. It’s a change for both you and them. The littles are probably going to hate it. But no one is going to be emotionally scarred because of your 30-minute workout. If anything, everyone will be better off. You working out benefits you and your family. But, if you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up and completely quit.

Mom life isn’t one of convenience; it’s never going to be the “right time” to start. There is no such thing, especially when kids are involved. Life happens. Embrace it and move on.


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