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Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin

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Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin? Is it possible? What’s the outcome, does it taste the same?

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin

I post about pumpkin in the fall, but I don’t think I have ever said or admitted how much I love pumpkin!

Now I’m not the crazy pumpkin spice latte lover; I mean actual pumpkin. Don’t get me wrong the PSL is yum but not my fav (unless I make it at home). And you will not find me buying a can of pumpkin! I like the fresh pumpkin I make at home.

Once pumpkins hit the store, I go pumpkin crazy and buy a pie pumpkin—or 3—every time I hit the grocery store. I purée it and jar it and store it in the freezer. I make bread, roll cakes, coffee drinks, I add it to my morning shake, pancakes/waffles, and the list goes on. Once it’s cooked and puréed it easy-peasy to toss into things.

I have always baked them but today decided to try out the instant pot for making it. Baking is super easy. First, cut the pumpkin in half and clean out the insides. Unless you plan on baking the seeds to eat later, toss them in the trash. Next place cut side down on a cookie sheet or cake pan with a lip. Add enough water to the pan to cover the bottom. Put in a pre-heated (350) oven and cook until you can poke a fork through easily. Depending on the size of the pumpkin it’ll take 45 mins or so. Finally, toss in a blender and puree with a little water.

See super easy it just takes a little longer.

So, how does the Instant Pot fair making a pie pumpkin?

First, let’s go through the steps on how to use the instant pot to make a pie pumpkin.

  • Step One—I cleaned the outside of my pumpkin and placed it inside my Instant Pot. Depending on the size and stem you can put directly in or on the rack. Mine didn’t fit on the rack so straight in it went.

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin

  • Step Two—Add a cup of water to the pot.
  • Step Three—Shut and seal the Instant Pot.
  • Step Four—Set pot for 13 minutes on manual, high pressure. And wait.

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin

  • Once finished, let it natural release. Make sure to natural release as it continues to cook. It won’t be ready if you quick release.

Remove your pumpkin (carefully, it’s HOT and super soft.) Cut in half and clean out the insides. This part is so easy; you don’t have to scrape like on the raw pumpkin. Which is a huge plus for me, I hate touching the insides when they are all slimy. Yuck! Remove the skin and puree.

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin


  1. Place pumpkin on a plate with paper towels underneath before cutting. Juice/water gushes out and goes everywhere if you skip this.
  2. I add cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to my puree before freezing/storing. Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin
  3. Add water to your blender when you puree to get your desired consistency.

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin

The only downside—in my opinion—is that you are limited to the size of pumpkins you can cook this way. Mine barely fit. Aside from that, I love this method of preparing a pumpkin. It’s super fast, the cleaning out and cutting is a breeze, and I personally don’t notice a difference in taste or texture.

I will certainly be using this method again!

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin

Try it out and let me know what your thoughts are! Don’t forget to share this to save for future reference and to help me get more eyes on this method. I greatly appreciate it! 😊



Want to see more of what the Instant Pot can do? Check out this blog where I talk more about it.

Instant Pot Pie Pumpkin


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