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Why You Should Meal Plan and Prep

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It’s no secret that nutrition is our best friend when if comes to changing our physic. Whether you are trying to lose weight, bulk up or just tone up, the proper nutrition is your biggest advantage in being successful. But, it’s often the hardest part to make changes in, especially significant changes.

What do you expect? It took years for you to pick up your current eating habits—whether good or bad. You can’t expect them to change overnight.

But what if you could open the fridge and have a weeks worth of healthy dinners waiting for you?

Wouldn’t that not only make life easier but also make sticking to your diet changes a little easier?

The most hated phrase in my day, “what’s for dinner?”

Whether you have been working, running errands all day, at home doing chores, or have a free day to relax—does anyone really have one of these? Anywho, trying to decide “what’s for dinner?” is a dreaded task. You have to make sure everyone will eat it; if it’s healthy; how long is it going to take; do I have all the stuff to make it, etc.?

It’s tempting to just order pizza, or load the kids in the car and hit a drive-thru.

Then the guilt sets in of messing up your streak of eating healthy and feeding the family “junk.”

So, how do you keep this from happening so often?

Meal plan and prep!

This should be anyone who is working on their fitness level’s best friend. Even mamas should use this process to make meals so much easier. Even if it’s just one meal a day that’s planned and prepped.

What are the benefits of meal planning and prep?

  • Time– We are always looking for more hours in the day to fit stuff in. Here’s thirty minutes or more you could save a DAY! Sure, you will spend a few hours on the weekend, but you’ve got a mass production going on. Therefore, it’s actually saving you time versus being split up over each day. Still, think there is no time to get your workouts in during the week? Problem solved.
  • Save money– You are planning out your meals—and done right, you are choosing meals where you can reuse ingredients through the week—so you are spending less since you are not buying unnecessary Plus, there’s no midweek shopping trip for a spur of the moment meal, where you see other things you just have to have. I am notorious for doing this. “Ooh, chocolate chip cookies. Yes, please.”
  • Portions– You are more likely to stick to your portions. No overeating or undereating. Your meals are portioned out for you, so you are less likely to over or under fill your plate. Yes, undereating is a problem when you are trying to lose weight, but that is a topic for a different blog.
  • Accountability– What happens if you don’t eat the meals you cook? They get thrown in the trash. You might as well have thrown the money in the trash that you spent on the food.
  • Success with healthy eating– How many times have you started eating healthy and done great for a few days, then bam, it all goes downhill? You had every intention of sticking to it, but life got in the way, and it was so much easier to call for pizza. Your likelihood of grabbing a pre-made meal or snack is considerably higher if it is made and ready to eat. Hence, why snacks and prepackaged foods are so popular—the convenience.

Now, I’m not saying you need to plan out and prep 21 different meals for the week. That just sounds exhausting. Just one prepped meal a day makes a world of difference. Knowing what you are going to eat for the other meals and having the stuff on hand is helpful. As you get more comfortable with the process, you might find yourself making extra to use for lunch the next day.

Start with the meal you struggle with the most. Do you get home late and have a hard time getting a healthy dinner on the table? Or is quick, healthy lunch where you struggle?


Are you ready to jump into more meal planning and prepping? Check back for the more in this series.

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