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Mom Time Out: Meditation

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Yes, Meditation.

I always thought meditation wasn’t for people like me. Who did I think it was for? I have no clue. I just didn’t think I would benefit from it, especially being a mom with little time. Plus, I felt weird even trying.

But, moms are the ones who should regularly be meditating.

Let’s face it. So many of us are overwhelmed. Rightfully so. There’s the pressure of the culture and the community to keep up with things and do or be a certain way. There’s the stress of your day to day duties.  We feel the pressure of parenting “properly.” Then, there’s the guilt and shame for losing our tempers.

So, who has the time to think about meditating?

All those reasons that we are overwhelmed are the reasons we should be meditating. The 5-minute mood boosters from my previous Mom Time Out blog help, but us mom’s need to know more about the amazing benefits of meditation. Things that can help with stress, anxiety and overwhelm of living in this day and age.

  1. Anxiety. So many of us are living with constant anxiety; worrying about the kids, schedules, relationships, you name it. Then we are living and parenting out of fear, instead of love and trust. Brains scans show a decrease in activity in the brains region associated with worry, with regular meditation.
  2. Better Health. Mindfulness boosts the immune system. Research shows that meditation lessens the effects of a cold. With the littles that touch everything and the older ones coming home from school, we all need this.
  3. Lower Stress. Anyone who has children knows parenting is stressful. And we all know that stress is bad for out health. We are so much more likely to snap at our kids. Meditation decreases the stress hormone, cortisol. You’ll be thinking more clearly than that glass of wine leaves you.
  4. Emotional Processing. A study found that meditation–even when we are not actively practicing—helps the brain to have better control of pain and emotions. We are role models to our children and are examples for them on how to deal with difficult situations. When we are better at controlling our feelings we are better at staying grounded when our children lose it.

Mamas, it’s doable. You don’t have to completely alter your life to meditate. I usually do 5-10 minutes. Use a guided meditation app like Meditation, Headspace or Omvana. They have a variety of meditations, and you can choose even do 2-3 minute meditations. It can be short and sweet. I like to do mine first thing in the morning when it’s already quiet, and the kids are running around yet.

How would your life and parenting change if you had these benefits?


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