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Mom Time Out: Mood Boosters in 5 Minutes or Less

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Being a mom is the best title I have ever had. I love watching my littles grow and learn.  The hugs, the kisses, the silly moments, and the lesson learning. Then there are the not so fun parenting moments. The tantrums, the can’t listen-itis, and not to mention all the other parenting and grown-up duties that we have to do day to day.

It can be stressful, taxing on the body, and emotionally exhausting. To keep our composure and not blow a fuse, to make sure that there is peace and happiness in our households, sometimes you have to take a moment—a mom time out—to keep your sanity.

Bad days happen. While we cannot control the bad days, we can control our mood. Here are some suggestions to help brighten your day.

  1. Get some sun. Open the blinds—or walk outside—soaking up a little sun and feeling those warm rays are shown to increase moods and sleep, according to a recent study. Evidence also shows that you’re more productive and alert. Have a little time? Eat breakfast by a window or much on some nuts. Omega-3 found in nuts and fish are shown to be less prone to depression and easier to get along with.
  2. Inhale a calming scent. Fill your home with a calming smell either by burning a candle or filling your diffuser. Run your diffuser with oils like lavender, peace and calming, vetiver, etc. These scents help you to feel more relaxed, more positive and less anxious. Bonus, your littles will get the effects of the scents, also.
  3. Take a walk. Grab the kids and get outside. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, just a trip around the block. Or work in the garden. You are getting the benefits of the sun, and also doing a mild workout which we know leads to happy moods.
  4. Go somewhere quiet. Retreat to the room. Leave the lights off. Don’t bring any gadgets or anything over stimulating. Just sit quietly and think of something that makes you happy. Unplugging and stepping away from all the noise and external stimulation can do wonders for your bad mood.
  5. Play a happy song. There’s nothing like a great song to put you in a great mood. Make it even better by singing, and dancing—you’re at home, there is no judgment. It’s quick and easy, and you are getting your heart rate up, so you are releasing more of those feel-good endorphins.
  6. Ge grateful. Count your blessings. Grab a piece of paper and start writing. List all the things that you are grateful for; even the little things, like someone letting you go first at the check-out, your little picking you a flower, quiet time, etc. You probably won’t be anywhere close to finishing your list at the end of the 5 minutes, but that’s okay.
  7. Cuddle. Grab your kiddos or even a pet. Just a few minutes of physical touch improves health, decreases stress and makes us happier.

Tried everything on the list and still in a funk? It’s ok, give it time. No bad mood last forever. If you’re still feeling down after a couple of weeks talk to your doctor as this could be a sign of depression.

Check back for the next blog in my Mom Time Out series.

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