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Mom Time Out: Yoga

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We all know that yoga is great for people of all ages and body types. Yoga has amazing benefits for moms. We take care of our children, our spouses, and pets and rarely find the time to take care of us. So, this provides moms the opportunity to take care of themselves.

How does yoga benefit moms?

Being a mom is an amazing thing, but it isn’t always easy. Being a mom often comes with stress and frustration. Yoga has abundant stress relief benefits, which can help moms deal with the hectic days.

Often moms are exhausted. With getting up at all hours of the night to take care of littles and not to mention, trying to keep up with their abundance of energy, it’s no wonder moms are lacking energy. Yoga increases energy levels, so try starting your morning off with a short 10-15 minute session, to help you keep up with your kiddos.

In addition to stress relief and increased energy, yoga has an extremely quiet and calming effect that can help counterbalances the noise that comes with having children. It goes hand in hand with my previous Mom Time Out blog about meditation. Try taking some time to quiet the noise, relax and calm your mind.

People who practice yoga regularly, often start following a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthier, eating organic or clean foods, and becoming more active. These benefits don’t just benefit you; they also benefit your family.

I don’t know about you, but finding balance in my life is difficult. Balance is another benefit of yoga. Use the mat to help you get centered and find the balance you need.

I have had a love/hate relationship with yoga since starting my health journey a couple of years ago. Even though I felt great after doing it, I really disliked doing it. I have just recently started to like it. It took time and consistency for me. But after 3 weeks of nothing but yoga I find myself wanting it and adding it to my routine more.

One reason I disliked it was I didn’t feel like I was “good at it.” I started a 3-week yoga program(in the comfort of my home) and started from the basics. Each day I progressed more as the program progressed.

What mom friendly options are there for practicing yoga?                                                                                                    

There are many options for you to practice yoga. Studios are a preferred option for some, so they get time away for an uninterrupted session without kids. If a studio is something you would prefer but don’t have childcare, search around, some studios offer child care.

Check out the gyms in your area. Some gyms offer yoga classes, and most include child care.

Finally, your home. There are countless DVDs; some cable subscriptions come with fitness options and online subscriptions to libraries of workouts. This is my choice. It’s easy to fit in without having to find child care, drive to and from, and it’s easier on the finances. Plus, there’s no judging. It’s just me—and my kiddos most days—so I don’t feel like everyone is staring at me while I’m attempting to do crow.

It’s either the kids or the dog joining me. It’s far from perfect but get’s the job done.

Wait for dad to come home to watch the kids or set the kids up with a special activity that is only done while you do your workout.  If all else fails, let them join you. You are teaching them about taking care of their bodies, getting some quality time with them, plus, yoga is great for them, too.

Start small, just commit to 2-3 days a week and see how you feel. There are many great yoga sessions that are only ten mins. So, you don’t have to carve out time or give up the much-needed sleep.


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