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My Lifestyle Change!

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So I am new to the working out and eating healthy. I was always blessed with being skinny–probably too skinny at times–but after becoming pregnant in August 2011 with my daughter and first child things changed. She’s now 3 and I also have a 11 month old son.

In March, I finally really looked in the mirror and saw how much I had let my self go, I knew it was time for a big change! After researching and talking to my husband, I decided to give 21 Day Fix Extreme w/ Shakeology (YUM!) a try!

After just one week I was amazed at the changes I was beginning to see and feel! I had more energy, my clothes were fitting better, I wasn’t wanting the “crap” food I was used to eating. I was starting to enjoy different veggies and fruits–veggies to me were corn and potatoes before this process started. I hated protein shakes prior to trying Shakeology, but let me tell you, Shakeology is delicious!!! I can’t stress that enough. I could drink them all day! Anyways I won’t get started on the awesomeness that is Shakeology just yet. Well save that for another day.

I have since finished my first round of 21dfx and I am almost done with round 2. In round one round alone I lost 11 lbs and 8 inches! In only 21 DAYS!!!

SO after becoming a believer in the workout, Shakeology and Beachbody altogether I decided I wanted help others like me–busy moms, the person who “just doesn’t have time”, or doesn’t know where to start– and I just started my journey as a coach!!

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Hi! I'm Monica, the face behind Munchkins and Coffee.  Like most, I enjoy long walks on the beach and quiet dinners with the Mister. But let's be real, I'm a mom to 2 munchkins and to 2 4-legged kids so those things are few and far between.  I dabble in a variety of DIY projects and crafts and sell SVGs for the Cricut/Silhouette. I love to cook and bake and I'm a type 1 diabetic. Target and H-E-B are my happy places. I love to read but don't do it as much as I'd like and I'm totally guilty of binge-watching shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. Coffee gets me through the day and is my "drug" of choice. 🙂 That's where the name comes in. Kids, life and all the beautiful chaos in between. So, check out my Etsy shop for SVG/cutting files for your Cricut/Silhouette and keep an eye out on here and my Facebook for my free cut files.

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