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How To Set Attainable Goals

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Goals are important in being successful. Writing your goals done and having a plan are just as important in hitting your goals. You are more likely to hit your goals if you have a plan in place.

Things like knowing what you’re going to do if you get off track, rewarding yourself when you hit mini goals, and having time frames, keep you motivated and on track for achieving your goals.

When setting goals, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

-Write them down and put them somewhere they will get seen throughout the day. There’s something about writing them out and seeing them multiple times a day that keeps you on track.

Be specific. We all want to be fit and healthy, but fit and healthy looks different on everyone. Do you want to lose 20lbs? Do you want abs? Do you want to be able to run a mile? Maybe, not snacking after dinner?

Measurable goals. Set goals that you can measure; goals that there is no doubt you hit them. Having goals like “I want to be stronger,” isn’t measurable. How do you know when you hit it? Changing it to “I want to be able to do 100 pushups,” or “I want to lose 15lbs,” are goals that can be measured.

Attainable for you. I have scoliosis, and without getting into to much detail, I can’t bend in certain directions very far. Therefore, me setting a goal to be flexible and being able to do a perfect backbend is not attainable for myself. Make sure you have the resources to be able to reach your goals.

Relevant. Setting a goal to run a marathon with a friend, yet, you hate to run, is not relevant to you. It will be harder to stay motivated.

Reasonable timeframe. Saying you want to lose 40lbs in 30 days is not reasonable. Maybe your ultimate goal is to lose 40lbs but break that down into mini goals. “This month I will lose 5lbs.”

Breaking your goals down into smaller goals and having a plan in place is another important step to hitting your goals. I create a monthly goal planner, which is broken down into weekly goals, also. That way you have a plan in place to hit your big monthly goal.

Click to download your goal planner

Planning to Achieve Monthly Goals

-Start with your big monthly goal. i.e. Lose 6lbs this month.

-What are your biggest challenges in hitting this goal? i.e. late night snacking; on the go (unhealthy lunches); too tired to workout after work.

Now break it down into weekly goals.

-week 1- lose 1.5lbs

-How am I going to accomplish this? No snacking after dinner, unless it’s fresh veggies. Pack a healthy lunch the night before. Workout before starting my day.

DO this for all 4 weeks.

Plan for the week ahead

This is where you will get more specific. Also, try not to plan any more than a week as things come up and schedules change.

-Monday: upper body workout; drink 80oz of water; grilled chicken salad for lunch, etc.

Reward yourself

Even the monthly, weekly and daily goals deserve a reward.

-Drink 80oz of water every day for 2 weeks = buy a new nail polish or lipstick. What girl doesn’t like makeup.

-Workout 4 times a week = add $30 to your clothing budget.

-Hit your monthly goal = buy a new pair of shoes.

Pick something that is reasonable and going to motivate you. Progress is progress. It should all be celebrated.


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