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Wake Up & Eat an Elephant: Part 2

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Getting into a routine that works for you and your family can be hard to do. There are so many factors and options that it can be overwhelming. But, having a morning routine is a big part of being successful the rest of the day.

You know when you wake up late and the day just feels rushed and like nothing is going right? That is the worst. I hate when I have days like that and do everything I can to make sure we have smooth, productive days. Well, having a morning routine helps you to have productive and positive days. Who doesn’t want a day that smooth and successful?!

Start a Morning Routine

You may have heard of a book called The Miracle Morning. Well, this is a book that helps you create that morning routine. It’s easy and straight forward and easily customized to you. Don’t have time? Do 5 minutes on each task. Have extra time? Do 20-25 minutes a task. There are six parts to the routine, so it lasts 30 minutes if you do 5 minutes a task. Therefore, it’s not going to take you all morning to get it done.

There is even a version that is for families and children. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get the whole family on a routine that makes everyone’s day smooth and productive?

The books are an easy read. I like to use the Audibles app to listen to the books while I cook and clean. My toddlers make it nearly impossible to sit down and read. Plus, being able to multitask while listening to a book helps me get stuff done.

Whether you decide to check out The Miracle Morning or come up with your own morning routine, remember to stay consistent. Give it a week, including the weekend, and see for yourself the benefits that follow.

Start a morning routine was an internal struggle for me. I didn’t want to get up earlier than I had too. I have always loved my sleep, but I gave it 30 consecutive days, and I was amazed at how such little time and effort I had to put in made such a big impact on my days.

Give it a shot. Let me know how it works out for you and what awesome changes you see.


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