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Wake Up & Eat an Elephant: Part 3

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Waking up and having a successful, productive day comes with its challenges. Aside from the challenges it takes to complete certain tasks you have things flying at your from all directions that can be done or need to be done. This can cause unwanted stress and setbacks. So why would you allow or agree to other tasks that aren’t helpful to what you want or need to be doing?

Learn to Say “NO”

It’s so hard to say “no.”

Why is that?

For a majority of people, it’s that we don’t want people to think badly of us. We don’t want to hurt or offend anyone. Saying no can make us feel selfish and guilty. Therefore, it’s simpler to say “yes” than to deal with all those negative feelings we try to avoid.

But, I’m not meaning saying no to just others, sometimes you need to say “no” to yourself, also. Have you ever said “yes” to a great idea you had? Only to spend hours on the project, keeping yourself from more dire tasks, then realizing the “bright idea” you had didn’t work out or help as you had planned. I know I’ve spent countless hours doing these “amazing projects” that I didn’t give much thought to, only to realize it was a bad idea.

Or, what about finding a “perfectly good reason” to put off a task because deep down you really don’t want to do it. “No” also means NO EXCUSES to yourself. If you give excuses, your are hurting yourself. You are putting off things that at one point, you thought to be important.

There are many reasons why need to learn to say “no” more often. For the purpose of this series, I’m going to stick to just a few.

When you agree to do something you didn’t have planned you are adding more stress, more tasks, and possibly more problems to your day. If you are doing things for others that could be scheduled for another day so you can help, you are taking yourself away from what you think is important or something you wanted to do.

It’s important to use your time on things that honor your priorities, helps you reach your goals and serves you.

Also, when you say “’yes” to others when you had other plans, you are likely losing your focus on your tasks. Focus on the things that help you learn and grow.

It gets easier to say “no” the more often you do it. It can be uncomfortable, even when saying “no” to ourselves. But if we want to be productive in our day to day lives, we sometimes have to turn away things. Or at the very least, schedule them for another day that you have free.

I ask you to challenge yourself for a week. A week of “NO EXCUSE!” Say no to the things that aren’t going to help you learn, grow, and get you closer to your goals and dreams.


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