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If You Want To Get Lean, Then You Need To Lift

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Just because you’re not working towards 20 inch biceps or thunder-thighs like the muscle heads in the gym doesn’t mean you should shun the weights. Lifting weights gives you an edge over stress, heart disease and cancer. Yet, women are still hesitant. Only a fifth of women strength train 2 or more times per week.

We usually shy away from heavy weights (more than 5-10lbs), in fear of being to muscular, when the fact of the matter is, we, as women, don’t have enough testosterone to build muscle like this naturally. You’d also have to be eating a great deal of food.

Are you trying to lose weight or burn more body fat? Then lifting may be your missing piece! It’s time to grab some weights and start seeing results! Here’s why.


You’ll burn more calories 

Studies show that after weight lifting workout your metabolism can be boosted for 36 hours, which in turn means more calorie burn while your butt is parked on the couch. The reason being, after a strength workout your muscles increased demand for energy and oxygen to repair the fibers, which registers an increase in the metabolic rate.

You’ll burn more fat

Cardio may shrink your overall size and move the scale, but if you are wanting to shape certain areas, it’s time to focus on defining muscle.

Cardio generally will help you lose weight, however typically this weight loss is from both a combination of fat and muscle. So, what you are left with is just a smaller version of yourself.

Research on dieters who don’t lift show that, on average, lost 75% from fat and 25% from muscle. Muscle loss will make the scale drop, but it won’t improve your reflection in the mirror.

All your flaws are still going to be the same, they will just be smaller!

If you are following a reduced-calorie diet while incorporating strength training, you stand a better chance at losing strictly body fat and getting a much more attractive transformation.

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You’ll can workout less

Weight training allows you to be more efficient and see great results in a shorter amount of time.

Doing a circuit of eight moves (which takes about eight minutes) can expend 159 to 231 calories. That’s about what you’d burn if you ran at a 10-mile-per-hour pace for the same duration.

A study found that circuit training increased your heart rate by 15 beats per minute higher than if you ran at 60-70% of your max heart rate. So you save time without sacrificing results. Check out 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME for a great combination of cardio and weight training.

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It’s time to break free from thinking that cardio equals fat loss and weight lighting means bulky muscle-building! If your goal is to get lean, then maybe it’s time to ditch the treadmill and say hello to some weights!

Have I convinced you to ditch the treadmill (at least a couple of times a week) and start lifting? Don’t know where to start? Contact me for a free consult!

Happy weight lifting!




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